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Exterior Details

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Ascent anchors Windcliff's unique mountain community of more than one hundred seasonal family homes and luxury estates each situated on one+ acre lots on the steep slope of Ram's Horn Mountain crowned by three immense rock outcroppings which form "Teddy's Teeth."


Ascent's distance from the road allows it to camouflage humbly behind the terrain from uphill traffic starting their climb up Windcliff Drive and nestles naturally into the mountain's landscape of Ponderosa pines,  decomposed granite, natural grasses and rock outcroppings.  


A sharp right turn offers access to Ascent's recycled asphalt driveway.  Amid the sloped driveway, Ascent comes more fully into view welcoming visitors with clean lines, comfortable materials and beautiful design.

Exterior Materials

Ascent wears the materials, colors and textures of the rocky mountains:  slowly rusting cor-ten steel panels shroud the garage and guest suite volumes while earthy stucco in contrasting shades of mountain grays dress its rustic textured walls.


The fireplace chimney once again picks-up the rusty petina of Cor-Ten and begins a transition from the rough texture of the stucco to the smooth surfaces of decks and glass that envelop Ascent.


A Windcliff home is entirely about the views and to put the views into every room required ellaborate use of wood framed high-efficiency windows from Pella.  Clusters of windows break the massive view into more manageable visual components.  

Design Points

Ascent's contemporary lines are softened by corner window groupings and warm, familiar materials both inside and out.  The mountain color pallet camoflauges and blends the homes with the native landscape.  


A proud, old, 40' tall ponderosa tree anchors the southwest corner of the home continuously girding the home and reminding the home that nature was there first and will remain long after. Ascent, like its guests, is just a visitor to the eternal magesty of the Rocky Mountains and its front-range views.


Careful placement of squares of gray concrete welcome guests to explore the earth from any of Ascent's exterior glass doors.  Native plants and boulders transition Ascent's straight lines where they meet the land.

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